Velocity Desking

Velocity desking creates an atmosphere as individual as the people that use it.

Velocity desking represents simple practicality with the flair to adapt, providing the opportunity for creative mutiple workstation arrangements. It may be re-configured into many different shapes, layouts and heights to provide the most effective and efficient workspace for individual or group working environments. Universal storage may be readily adopted to supplement work surface areas while the variety of mobile options means that offices may be quick-changed from one use to another. Removable dividing screens are available in a range of colours to give privacy when required and improve acoustics. 
The Delta workstation is widely used in call centre environments in clusters of three. It is accepted as a space efficient solution that breaks away from rigid linear layouts. The Delta is available at a depth of 800mm to house a CRT monitor and 600mm where flat screen monitors are used. To complement the shape, we have also introduced a 150 degree meeting end and a 60 degree link. 
The waveform desk provides the optimum solution where space efficient linear configurations are required with a high level of PC use. Fixed semi-circular meeting ends generate space away from the main work area and the introduction of a mobile table either creates an adaptable extension to the worksurface, or an area for visitors to work adjacent to the main workstation. Velocity System 30, change of height, desk up screens with integrated toolbars define the work area. The addition of work trays suspended from the toolbars help to organise the worksurface. Steel pedestals accommodate local filing with full steel system drawers providing durable and efficient storage.
Double Wave
The double wave desk with managed leg symmetrical in design. This double wave configuration in maple veneer provides an attractive work space while the semi-circular meeting ends provide extra space. Velocity 3 under desk pedestals have been used for storage, while System 30 the fabric to fabric style linking with minimal visible trim screen option in Aquarius Tombola, is used to define space and conceal the workstations.
The crescent shaped worksurface has ample depth across the diagonal to accommodate large CRT monitors. The user can swivel through 90 degrees unobstructed by any supporting structure. A semi-circular tambour unit can be used to store binders on two layers and finishes level with the workstation. The tambour neatly rolls around the back of the unit to give complete access to stored items.
Pic 1: Velocity + with double Wave Cantilever desking (with curved foot & wire managed leg)
Pic 2: Velocity 6 slab end left hand Crescent desk
Pic 3: Velocity 8 Crescent desk Interchangeable, non handed legs, Beam desking.
Pic 4: Velocity 1 with Wave Cantilever desking
Pic 5: Velocity 8 Beam Kidney Desk