Velocity Seating

Velocity seating designed with aesthetics, comfort and functionality.

Office and reception seating is only part of projecting the right image for your company, with our Velocity seating options we can make sure that first impressions count. Velocity Max, Mini Max, Versa PCB, Versa Reach, Versa visitor chair and Tomi chairs are known for their flexibility and functional mechanisms. Supporting the ever-changing technology of the contemporary working environment.

Some of the features include:
Independent back height adjustment
Additional lumbar support & seat depth adjustment 
Height adjustable arms.

Velocity soft seating and it's popular designs can be used to create a modern appearance in reception, informal meeting and breakout areas. The perfect marriage of practicality, affordability and elegance.

Pic 1: Versa chair with PCB mechanism with ring arms
Pic 2: Versa PCB high back chair with independent back height adjustment arms
Pic 3: Versa chair with PCB mechanism and adjustable arms
Pic 4: Fully upholstered double tub Tomi settee
Pic 5: A fully upholstered single tub Tomi chair